Thursday, August 30, 2018

An Agnostic Goes to Hell

Let's be clear, I fall somewhere between the line of atheist and agnostic. As in, too lazy to take a hard look at what I believe in. To be fair, it's more like I'm doubtful, but open. However, I draw a hard line at Jesus Christ, Moses, and the like. Prophets, disciples.. sorry guys and gals. I'm not buying it. I'm a fan of science. Science, I can get behind. So, I'm not pleased with Brazil's lack of separation of church and state. I take it for granted in the US. I mean even minor infractions can get people bent out of shape. Here, Christ is ingrained in everything. They openly pray in school. They talk about the glory of God and Christ. It's so... weird.

When my son started talking about Jesus, I decided to take a hands-off approach and let him make his own decisions. But, he started saying some pretty... weird things. For example, while shopping at the mall one day, I joked with him that I spent all of my paycheck buying things for him and his sister. In the middle of the store, he opened his arms, looked at the ceiling, and said, "Why, Jesus, does all of my mom's money have to be gone?! WHY??" I looked around. No one thought this was strange. I was concerned, to say the least. I said, "Don't worry Maicon. Mommy doesn't believe in Jesus. Mommy is responsible for spending her money. But the great thing is, you can choose what you believe in. Some people believe in Jesus and some people don't. You get to choose. And whatever you choose is okay." Cool. We've had two more short, similar conversations.

Queue my husband picking my son up from class today. "I was bombarded with questions from Maicon's teacher about why we don't attend church." Apparently some of the students were discussing Jesus (like.. why? talk about Pokemon or some other kid shit), and Maicon said that God isn't real. Well I'll be damned, possibly now and after death. This upset the other students. So now his teacher wants us to attend church (not going to happen) and Farley spilled the beans to this teacher that I'm not religious. I can't wait to enjoy the ostracism* that awaits me tomorrow and for the next three years. Hurray! 

*I've already been ostracized from a few people who learned I don't believe in Christ.