Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Here's a photo heavy post from our trip today to Santa Land (something like that) and Ibituruna. Ibituruna is a mountain in Governador Valadares where we live. The name means black mountain and it's 3,684 feet high. For a little perspective, that's as tall as these mountains:

It's the unofficial world capital of free flight with lots of paraglider and hang gliders taking off from it every day. You can see them from the city as they fly over the Rio Doce and land in the park on the other side. There are also a lot of motocrossers (is that the right term?) and BMXers who fly down the side of the mountain. We saw one wipe out at the top and it was pretty scary. Most people seemed to be playing it safe and had wingmen with them taping what they did and talking to them on walkie talkies. Helmet mounted Go-Pros were really popular as well.

Alright, enough Wiki on the mountain, it's cool, you get it. It's also breathtakingly gorgeous, so enjoy this photo explosion:

Her Native American name is Always Blurry

To date, this is my favorite spot in Brazil

Obviously my husband is a great photographer /s

Ibituruna as seen from the city

Did you make it to the end? Is this place beautiful or what? I can't wait to go back. But first, we're heading to Vitoria to spend the holidays at the ocean. You can look forward to another photo explosion when we return from that trip. Happy holidays to everyone!


  1. Beautiful views! Looks like a ton of fun :) I look forward to your next photo explosion lol

  2. Wow so pretty. It seems tranquil

  3. Wow! That is beautiful! I was wondering exactly where you lived there. But you just answered it. cool I think I want to send you $$ to buy and send me a couple of those hammocks for my porch! :) ~Tami