Friday, January 22, 2016

Rain, Rain

It's been raining for five days straight. Non-stop, downpour, no-one-in-the-streets rain. Which is nice, because we live in a desert state. And hopefully all the rain will help flush out the contaminants that are still causing our water source to be undrinkable two months after the Samarco dam collapse. But because no one has a clothes dryer, my laundry pile is overtaking the corner of my bedroom. I can't wash my clothes, because I can't hang them to dry. Sure I have a line that's in our hallway and under a roof - but for some reason in the rainy air it takes my laundry three or four days to completely dry. Maybe it's an anomaly of our building and everyone else is carrying along as normal. Add it to the list of "things that make life in Brazil more difficult."

On the plus side, I've reclaimed my Kindle Fire from the kids (no sponsorship). It was a Christmas present from Farley two or three years ago. (Well, I picked it out and he paid for it. Brazilians don't seem to have a touch for gift giving..) Before we purchased Maicon's iPad - which is a gift from God to mothers of toddlers everywhere - he commandeered my Kindle and it went from mommy's electronic reader to Maicon's parent torture device. Queue the sounds of "Mommy download this game for meeeee! Daddy this game isn't wooorrkkkiinngggg!" I digress. Reading more has been on my to do list for a few years, but I never really had the time. One of the things I value about Brazilian culture is the slow, relaxed pace of life. So I downloaded Moby Dick (can you believe I've never read this classic?) and I have big plans to sit by an open window, listen to the rain, and get my read on.


  1. If you ever join Goodreads, give me a sign! I looove my Kindle and would have been a puddle of misery without it in Brazil, as there is no public library to rely on here. . . :)

    1. Oh, I'm going to google Goodreads - never heard of it! I had three large boxes of books in the States. We had a library room with a fireplace and the shelves were full. I donated everything to the local library when we moved here! I've thought about putting a bookshelf in front of our house and creating a small free book exchange.

    2. I finally sent you that friend request on Goodreads!