Monday, February 1, 2016

Convento da Penha

The walk/drive up to the Covenant

View of the city from the parking lot

A military area of some sort

A closer view of the city

You're beautiful, Brazil

A stage area in the parking lot

Hello friend

Alessandra wanted to practice walking up the long path

I thought this view from the monastery was beautiful, until I saw the other side

View from the walk

View from the stairs

We can never take a picture with everyone looking and smiling

The floor inside the monastery was beautiful

Inside the monastery

Close up of the... alter?

The walls were gilded and sooo pretty

The ceiling, swoon

I'm a sucker for art

Something about this picture moves me. I fell in love with it as soon as I turned around.

The sights were, to say the least, ethereal

No editing or filters on these photos

I'm not ashamed to say that I found this view so incredibly beautiful it moved me to tears

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While in Vitoria, we visited the Convento da Penha, which also overlooks Vila Velha. It was founded in 1558 by Pedro Palacios. My husband said that it was built by slaves, which is ironic since it's.. you know.. a place of worship. I think it's the most beautiful place that we've seen in Brazil to date. I asked my husband to watch the kids while I stood on the balcony for a long time and looked out at the view. It was so unearthly and spiritual (I'm not a spiritual person) that I cried a little. Visiting places like this is one of the reasons why I didn't hesitate to move here. It will without a doubt be a memory that I cherish when I'm elderly and considering how I spent my life.

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