Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Night Without Electricity / All The Stars

Sorry about all the power lines!


Last night the entire city of Governador Valadares, Brazil lost power for about an hour. Our house has lost power a few times before, for a few minutes at a time, so I didn't think anything of it when our house went dark. Then my husband came inside and said, "Come out if you want to see the most beautiful sky in the world." I stumbled out and stared in awe for a few minutes before declaring that I had to get my camera. I wasn't sure how long it would last or if I'd ever see the sky like this again. The nearest town is about an hour away, so when I say it was dark - it was dark. I've never taken photos like this, so I played with the settings slightly and did the best I could. I tried to avoid the power lines, but I was too nervous to run back inside and get my tripod, because I was afraid the power would come back on. So I had to set my camera on the table under the lines. I'm really impressed with my camera, actually, because you can see the trees and clouds in the picture, but outside you could not see anything! When motorcycles would drive down the street everyone would be completely blinded because their tiny front lights were so bright in the darkness. Everyone poured out of their houses and hung out on the sidewalks and talked and joked and looked at the sky. I think everyone was looking upwards last night. These pictures don't even do it justice, because every single square inch of the sky contained a star. I didn't see any shooting stars, but I think it's because I couldn't focus on any one point, it was all so incredible. There are a few places in the United States that are "light free" zones, so you can experience a view like this. We wanted to take the kids to the one at Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania, but we thought they were too young to appreciate it. After last night, we know we will absolutely be taking a family trip there.

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