Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Farewell, First Home

This post has nothing to do with expat life. We're almost at the closing table with our house back in the States. It's been bittersweet. We loved our house. It had a huge yard, 40,000 gallon in-ground pool, and incredible character. It needed a lot of updating and we had accomplished a lot in the three years that we lived there, but not nearly what we wanted to. However, we I did paint almost every single wall, which was a huge undertaking. The paint really did transform the house. I don't want to go on and on about the things we did and didn't get to in this post. I'm solely here to share paint colors with all of you. I love bright colors, but I went for an earthy, neutral (to me anyway) palette in our home. I repeated colors in different rooms to try and tie the house together. I think I've been asked a million times what colors I chose, so here's the be all to end all post for you! (I use a satin finish in all my rooms because it's easy to clean).

Living Room: Rockport Grey, Benjamin Moore

Bedroom & Sunroom/Dining Room: Balmy Seas, Behr

I stole some photos from our listing, sorry about the poor quality!

Library: Down Pour, Behr

Switch expressions and it's their current relationship.

Down Pour has a much bluer tone than Rockport Grey.

Alessandra's Bedroom & Kitchen: Grass Cloth, Behr

Bridesmaids at our backyard wedding, a second ceremony since we eloped!

Before the room became Alessandra's room it was our spare room.

Maicon's Bedroom: Porpoise, Behr

I would have used Down Pour in here as well, but the gallon of Porpoise was in the house when we bought it,
so I opted to use it up and save money. It's a lighter grey, but I think it worked well in the smaller space.

Hallways & Mud Room: Sand White, Glidden

This was the only picture I could find of one of the hallways!
Maicon went through a "naked all the time" phase. 

Trim: Ultra Pure White, Behr

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