Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our Next House

I find that with every post I need to address the scarcity of my posts. I am really trying to post at least once a week, because there is so much to share and so much I want to say. But I've really been in a rut lately. My son is a "spirited child" which is a nice way of saying undiagnosed ADD. He was supposed to see a behavioral specialist before we left the States (via his pediatrician's recommendation), but it was one of those things we just didn't have time for. Anyway, it takes all of my energy/patience/sanity to parent him and the one year old all day. They are into everything and so full of attitude spunk. And the one year old has started the "I can do everything by myself/but I need your attention every minute or I will freak the fuck out" stage. Last night when my husband came home from work I sat outside by myself and checked Snapchat (jeanie.demelo) while eating the last of our cookies. He must have sensed my exasperation because he asked me if I was okay, gave my forehead a sweet kiss, and took care of the kids without bothering me. 

On to the post: although we'll be here for another five years or so, I find myself house hunting from time to time. Which is doubly weird because we own our home here and we likely will not purchase a home in New Jersey again. The taxes on our home were over $8,000/year when we left and I absolutely refuse to fall into NJ's tax trap again. But god do I love to take on and decorate a space.  I missed that with our current home because we remodeled it from afar while still in the States. 

One day when we do purchase a house again, I'm going to apply everything I learned from decorating our first home. Including:

1. I will paint and update before we move in. It is so much easier to spend a week or two working on an empty house than trying to work around furniture and appliances.
2. I will remove every outlet/switch, outlet/switch cover, and vent before painting. I chose to do our house one a room at a time and it took me the entire time we lived there to finish painting.
3. Once all the rooms are painted, I will install brand new (if needed) outlets/switches, outlet/switch covers, and vents. Again this is something I did one room at a time and it was tedious and I would hit the same issues with every room. It would have taken a lot less time and been much less frustrating if I had done everything at the same time.
4. Crown moulding and trim will be installed all at the same time, after painting. 

Really, breaking down the decorating into pieces like an assembly line would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. Slowly but surely, every room in our old 1940s house looked better and better. Those small, easy changes completely transformed the rooms. You don't realize how much a thrice painted outlet brings down a room until you install a bright, clean new one. I was nervous about updating the vents as well, but the ones that came with our house were rusted and broken. And again, the new ones completely made the room.

We'll see if I can convince my husband to take on another project house, but I am earning this "I lived in Brazil for five years" card. 

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