Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cachoeira / Waterfall

The view looking away from the waterfall.
The water is so shallow, it's perfect for kids.

The sister-in-laws and youngest cousins.
"Our spot"
The grill and table set up. Nature's finest! 

The littlest expat developed a taste for lipstick (literally) and my sister-in-law's rings.
Crossing the stream to get back to the car. 
Nothing like a long day of swimming and eating to tucker out a little expat.

About thirty minutes from our house is a waterfall that costs R$2 to visit (boo, it's not free). It's one of my favorite spots in Brazil, even though it's just a small waterfall frequented by locals. When we go, the whole family goes. That's my mother-in-law and her boyfriend, my three sisters-in-law and their three spouses, my husband and myself, and five kids. Soooo, yeah. We always bring a portable grill and my mother-in-law will bring her rice cooker full of hot rice and beans. And we always have plenty of cold beer and water. The water is so shallow that it's really safe for kids. Although, there are no lifeguards or anything, so our son always wears a life vest. Even though we had a pool in the United States, he couldn't get the hang of swimming (too scary for him). Thankfully, it's only deep right under the waterfall itself. We stay there for hours just swimming and eating and relaxing. When it's so hot in the summer, I actually prefer spending the day there to sitting inside with the air conditioning on full blast. I'm always exhausted by the end of the day because the kids are so much work, but it will be nice in a few years when they're a little older and more independent. 

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