Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We've Landed - Part III

After making it through customs, I felt like we were pretty in the clear as far as the logistics of the move. But then life said PSYCH. Farley has an aunt who lives in the city we flew into and she offered to collect some of our baggage because we wouldn't be able to bring it all on the small plane to our final destination. We flew on Azul Airlines and were told that if we had purchased our tickets all as one flight, we would have been able to take the baggage along without any fees (assuming there was space on the plane). Unfortunately, our flights leaving the states had been delayed two days and it was hundreds of dollars cheaper for us to buy the Azul tickets separately. We had somewhere around nine hours before our final flight, so there was plenty of time for his aunt to arrive.

There was no wifi in the airport, so trying to occupy the kids after more than 24 hours of flying and 36 hours without sleep was an Olympic feat. We did eat lunch at a Subway that was in the airport. Everything there was expensive and terrible (which seems to be a common airport experience for us). When his aunt (and uncle) finally arrived, they were excited to see the kids, so I was able to get a small break. This part of the journey is a little bit of a blur because I was delirious after the adrenaline and no sleep.

Finally it was time to board our last flight. And it was then that we realized that we had to pass through security and head to another terminal to get on our final plane. It turned out we had been waiting at the passenger check-in area the whole time. We checked in quickly, but we had to pay an extra fee for the few bags we were taking on the plane. There was a lot of haggling on Farley's part and I tried to stay out of it because I didn't really know what was going on. To this day I understand that we paid a small fee and our bags made it on the plane. 

When we went through security, I realized no one was taking their shoes off. We didn't have to take every electronic item out of our bags, nor did they check any breastmilk. However, my husband had rearranged some of our items and had placed a power drill in our carry on. Can you imagine what a power drill looks like going through an x-ray machine? Queue giant heart attack. Farley had to take the power drill out of the carry on, run back down to passenger check in, get the power drill placed into our luggage, and go through security again.

We decided that while he did that, I would proceed to the gate with the kids. Except, I couldn't find our gate because past security was a wall of windows that looked out onto the tarmac and there were no gates in sight. I tried asking an employee, but the directions she gave me we so confusing I couldn't understand them. Go down a hallway, use stairs, get on a bus? I thought for sure we had some type of communication error. I was getting very stressed out at this point because our plane was taking off in minutes, I couldn't find the gate, and I was separated from my husband. Amazingly, I saw my husband sprint through security and he was able to get directions to our gate. We did have to go down stairs, but there was no elevator near us. We said to hell with it, we're taking everything down the god damn escalator! We had the baby in the stroller and one of the stroller wheels got stuck at the bottom of the escalator. The line became backed up behind us and we ended up kicking the stroller multiple times to get it unstuck. I didn't even care if we broke the wheel off at that point because I saw that very quickly the other passengers were going to start falling on us. 

We made it off the escalator, stroller intact, and realized we did have to get on a bus! Brazil was not making it easy for us. Actually the last plane was by far the worst part of the whole trip. But we managed to get our carry-ons, stroller, and two kids onto the already jam packed bus. The bus took us to the jet - which was not at a gate at all. It was in the middle of the tarmac with a few other small planes. I've flown on prop planes before and know they don't sit at a gate, but I didn't realize the jet wouldn't be at a gate either. And I was still concerned that we wouldn't be able to bring the stroller and car seats on the plane because we were told it was an "if there's space" situation. Thankfully they were able to take everything and the four of us were on the plane and finally headed to our destination.

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  1. We experience the "if there is space" policy (the stupidest policy in my opinion) regarding our cat! We wanted to book a spot for him because there cannot be more than two living pet in any given aircraft apparently, but no, that cannot be planned ahead of time either...