Tuesday, August 2, 2016

South of Vitoria

"The cool kids"
A beautiful old church overlooking the ocean

The gigantic cross was in front of the church

Offerings at the cross

View from the church

View of the cross from below

Someone's house has an amazing view of the ocean

Did you know Taylor Swift advertises with small middle-of-nowhere salons? 
At a small fishing beach

The young captain of the boat with the roof had never met an American 

Why don't we live here?

A Jackfruit tree

Known in Brazil as jaca  

Stock photo of jaca - people eat the flesh off the seeds and spit the seeds out. Personally, I don't like the taste.

At a small lake

Mr. De Melo and the youngest expat enjoying the lake view

This post is a mix of things and places we visited last year all around the state of Espírito Santo. The towns were so small and featured only a few streets all parallel or perpendicular to the shore. I couldn't tell where one town ended and the next began. We visited a small fishing town that had a gorgeous old church on the top of a large hill. After viewing the church, we headed down to the rocky coastline at the bottom of the hill to take some pictures. The kids climbed all over the giant rocks and there was a nice breeze. Like the Convento de Penha, it was so picturesque that I couldn't believe it was real life.

We drove further along the coast and got ice cream by the bay where small wooden fishing boats were docked. I saw Taylor Swift on a salon poster and started laughing about how odd it was to find an American celebrity in really, the middle of nowhere, in South America. Some of our crew went for a swim, but I wanted to talk to the fisherman. I spotted a teenager who was very shy and kept covering his eyes with his hat. My in-laws asked him, "Have you ever met an American? Now's your chance!" I started to talk to him and he had a huge smile; he was really sweet but could barely talk to me. I wanted to give him a hug and take a picture with him, but I didn't want to embarrass him any further.

We headed out again to visit one of the properties our host owned near a gorgeous, tranquil lake. The house had a giant jack fruit tree which the kids swarmed around. The renter was an old man who was some type of military veteran; an officer of some sort. I told him that I was previously a Sergeant in the US Air Force and we started swapping military stories. I saluted him when we left and he really got a kick out of it giving me an emphatic salute in return. Our host said that the old man was crazy. I told him anyone who serves in the military is at least slightly crazy.

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