Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Condiments - ketchup and three types of mayonnaise

Apologies for the potato quality photos; I took them with my old iPhone since I can't find the patience to get my camera out before chowing down. In the States we get pretty creative with our hamburgers, but  for me it's all about the Brazilian hamburgao. We order hamburgao once a week on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I like to cook at home to save money, but I give myself a break one night a week. We order the basic hamburgao which weighs about a pound (half a kilo) and costs R$7 for one (about $2.25). It comes in a styrofoam container and is wrapped in two small plastic bags. The basic hamburgao comes on a fresh bun with corn, two patties, lettuce, tomato, potato sticks, parmesan, and mayonnaise, although this may differ from restaurant to restaurant. And it's gigantic, it's impossible to take a bite from bun to bun. It also comes with condiments on the side: ketchup and three types of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise based sauces are a big deal here, but I'll talk more about that in a separate post. Just know that they're all delicious. Since I've gained a couple pounds, I've realized I really only need half of one of these per sitting. For you lucky folks in Newark, NJ, I have been told there are two hamburgao restaurants in the Iron District. If you're in the mood for a burger, check them out.

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