Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Vitoria - Ocean Edition

It was almost a year ago that we took a little vacation in Vitoria. We went to the beach for nine days straight. Nine days. My poor, white, American body was red by the time we left. Like lobster red. Can't sit down, can't stand, don't touch me, where's the lotion red. But it was a blast. We're hoping to travel to Bahia this year but the economy is really suffering (which means our income is suffering), so we'll see how it goes.

Speaking of sunburns, we made sure the kids were heavily lathered in Banana Boat sunscreen every day (which is obnoxiously expensive here). As I mentioned earlier, I am a Cotz Face Sunscreen addict. It's broad spectrum SPF 40, has a sheer matte finish - no need for foundation - and is free of preservatives and chemicals. On other days I use Olay Regenerist Regenerating Lotion with Sunscreen, broad spectrum SPF 50. I'm trying to keep this face as healthy as I can because the sun is no joke here.

We also buy the kids' swim clothes that have UPF protection built in. We're fans of the Carter's swim sets, but Alessandra's currently using iPlay rash guards and reusable swim diapers which are UPF 50. We also have a reversible iPlay bucket hat for her. Her blonde curls don't do much to keep the sun off her scalp and I hate putting sunscreen in hair. So far we've been able to keep the kids burn-free!


  1. The kids are begging to see the sea, and now that we are closer to the coast, we might just do that soon... I am a bit afraid of fitting (or not) in a swimsuit! It has been so long! (The colors of you pictures are so beautiful and clear -- I am jealous of your camera!) :)

    1. Oh you have to go to the shore here. It's really an adventure. We were looking forward to a trip to Bahia this year, but with the economy things have been tight and I think we'll be holding it off. The kids and I are headed to the States in August, so we have a big trip coming up anyway.

      My husband made fun of me for weeks before we left about my "grandma bikini" because, you know, it actually covers my ass. But there were many different swim suits and bodies at the shore! And while I may not be overweight, my stomach is absolutely destroyed from having two kids, haha. We have to adopt that Brazilian "no shame" mentality. ;)