Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Alessandra's First Birthday

A shoulder ride from Daddy while picking up her birthday cake

My last baby turns 2 on the 30th! This poor girl's birthday is sandwiched between Christmas and New Year's Eve, so we always end up busy on her special day. Last year we spent her birthday in Vitoria. We picked up a chocolate cake, a couple treats from the bakery, strung up some balloons, and called it a day. If you notice, the cake says, "Feliz Ano Novo" or "Happy New Year." The bakery was super busy due to the holiday, so we opted to buy this pre-made cake rather than wait for them to make a new one. The cake was like 7 layers of chocolate heaven, so trust me no one minded. Maicon kept close to the treats all night. You can see him eyeballing or sampling them in most of the pictures.

Her birthday also falls in the middle of Brazil's summer; it was so hot even though we had a nice ocean breeze. I had just gotten out of the shower and was already glistening with sweat. Looking through the pictures I can't believe Alessandra was ever so bald. A year later her head is covered in tight blonde curls. I'm also forever grateful that she was able to spend her birthday with her vovó. It was really a wonderful day for both of them.

This year we're heading to Alcobaça in Bahia and departing on her birthday. She'll spend her birthday morning enduring a six hour car ride - but at least she'll have another birthday night on the beautiful Brazilian coast. So maybe a December birthday isn't so bad.

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