Thursday, December 1, 2016


November and December have quickly gained a place as my least favorite months. It alternates between pouring rain and oppressive humidity. It has me longing for the days of 100 degree dry heat. At least in the shade it's bearable. November and December however, have me hiding in my living room, basking in the air conditioning that was one of my pre-requisites for our move. Yeah, that's me living it up with the split condenser. I keep it set at 26C and my husband slyly sets it to 27C until I realize I'm sweating again. 

One of my big complaints with the metric units are that they are not as sensitive as Fahrenheit and Imperial. For example, 26C is 78.8F and 27C is 80.5F. A 1.7F difference. A difference that might solve our constant thermostat battle if say I could set it to 26.5 (79.9F). Although to be honest, I'd probably just set it to 78F and call it a day. Anything above that and I'm sweating. Anything about 40% humidity and I'm sweating. I'm just a sweaty person, okay? 

My family hails from Montreal - my body is built for the cold. I've ran in -24C conditions and other than my sweat freezing to my hat and eyelashes, my body felt great! I'm not crazy enough brave enough to run in the rain here, so my 6:30am runs have been put on hold. As it's the one time of the day that I'm alone, I rely on the post-run endorphin rush to get me through the incessant toddler demands/whining that await me.

And of course with the rain comes the flooding and the mosquitoes. Ah the mosquito, what a rescilient insect. They can lay their eggs and hatch out more monsters in only a soda bottle cap worth of water. Even with screens on our windows, we find ourselves employing the electric tennis racket mosquito killer thing to purge our house of the little bastards. They've been known to attack the littlest expat and leave her with four bites in the blink of an eye. When we're not battling the flying disease breeders, we're setting up and taking down flood gates and plugging drains. And what rainy season would be complete without a leaking porch roof that guarentees a makeshift pool on your patio despite using an infant tub to catch the more visible streams.

On the bright side, everything is lush and grass is abundant - free food for our guinea pigs!

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