Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Xo Zika!

Our house!


Much earlier in the year, our son's school put on a parade to educate Brazilians about the dangers of mosquitos and the illnesses they spread. (Mind you, this was at the height of the Zika "epidemic.") For the record, both myself and our one year old had Zika this past year and it wasn't a big deal. Strep throat is far worse. (More on that and why mosquitoes are such a problem for Brazil here and here). Maicon's class began the parade at the lake at the end of our street. I love the lake. It has amazing views of the mountain, a playground, ice cream and candy vendors, and a workout area. A little something for everyone.

His face completely lit up when he saw us there. I think he was caught up in the excitement of his first field trip and forgot we were coming. As always, Alessandra tried to do everything Maicon was doing, and thankfully his classmates love this energetic blondie, so she kind of took part in the parade as well. They walked around the lake and then up and down the street we live on while carrying signs and chanting "Xo Zika!" which is something like, "Get out, Zika!" They passed out seeds to a mosquito-repelling plant.  And like most of my plants, the birds and mice ate them before they could bloom. Well, it was a nice idea anyway!

P.S. Farley is just now watching Stranger Things and I have to keep mysteriosly saying, "Everything will be revealed!" while humming the theme on repeat.

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