Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jardim Perola - Our Neighborhood

It's been so long since I've posted - but for good reason! The kids and I will be heading to the States in a few weeks to spend six months with my family. So, I've been working my ass off (gotta pay for those round trip tickets!) and running around trying to prepare. In addition to that, we've had birthdays and holidays and life in general.

I took these photos of our neighborhood on a holiday when the streets were deserted. The only store that was open was the bakery, which was packed with people buying bread (as seen in the first picture). Before we moved to Brazil, we purchased a house in another neighborhood, renovated it, and rented it out. Our plan was to live in that house, but then a friend of ours in the States mentioned she was selling a building in Jardim Perola, a few neighborhoods away. My mother-in-law always wanted to live in this neighborhood, so we purchased the building with her and renovated it to include two apartments, a store, and an amazing rooftop patio. And thank god we did, because I love our neighborhood. On our block we have a restaurant owned by our friends (Rei Davi) (and they're building a hamburger shop now YAY!!!), a pharmacy (Drogaria Mais), the supermarket (Big Mais), a bar (Otyle's Burgers, which ironically does not sell burgers), a variety store (Loja Wolff), a butcher (Acougue Dois Irmaos), and a fruit/veggie store (Sacalao - also owned by our friends). Two blocks away is the elementary school and at the end of the block is the beautiful lake. And of course, we have an amazing community of neighbors. Everyone knows everyone, everyone helps everyone, and there is a sense of community really missing from life in the States. One day when we do move back to the States, it will be very, very difficult to leave this neighborhood.

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