About Me

I'm Jeanie, a 33 year old American expat living in Brazil. I'm a stay-at-home mom, but stay-at-home mom isn't the right term. Blogger, cook, baker, house cleaner, entrepreneur, sewer, student, teacher, I'm forever rotating in one of those positions. I hold two degrees - an associates in Logistics and a bachelors in English Literature. I graduated summa cum laude and held somewhere around the fourth highest GPA in my graduating class. I'm very proud of that, since it was the result of many nervous breakdowns. 

I have two kids that are my world, even if they drive me crazy. Maicon (pronounced "my cone" sorry Americans) is eight and Alessandra is four. My son is a "spirited child" which is a nice way of saying a touch below ADHD. But he's kind and has an imagination that would make the entire Pixar staff jealous. And my daughter is "brava" as the Brazilians say. Which means she's demanding, independent, and fierce. But she's also sweet and often attacks us with hugs. One day they'll rule the world together - him as the creative director and her as the CEO. 

I love art and literature. I love fashion, but I'm a capsule wardrobe kinda gal. I love chocolate and anything spicy. I love baking and sewing because making things from scratch fills me with an immense sense of accomplishment. I want to draw again. I want to learn how to paint. I want to read more. I want to brush up on my Photoshop skills. I want to learn how to take beautiful pictures. I want to learn how to code. I want to expand my vocabulary in English and Portuguese. I want to learn how to cook Brazilian food. I want to explore all of Brazil. I want to get back in touch with the person I used to know with the maturity of the person I am today.

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  1. Love the Bio!! You are a Dreamer in the best way!! So excited for you..