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The following advice is taken from my interview on Expatsblog.com found here:
What are your top 5 expat tips for anyone following in your footsteps?

  1. Take your new country for what it is, try not to compare it to your home country.
  2. Be prepared for homesickness and frustration. Whether it's dealing with bureaucracy or struggling with the language, it will happen. It's a part of the experience and you'll get through it.
  3. Bring your favorite boxed foods. Ranch dip mix, peanut butter, whatever. If you move to a remote area, as we did, these things will be impossible to find.
  4. A Kindle and Netflix subscription have been surprisingly helpful in staying any homesickness. I used my library card to check out e-books on the Kindle and I'm able to watch tv and movies in English with Netflix.
  5. Bring a MagicJack with you. I have a United States phone number through my MagicJack and I can call my friends and family any time for free. (We'd like to Skype, but the connection is often too poor).
And I will add:

6. Research expat blogs focused in the area you'll be moving into to get an idea of what items you should bring and what items you should purchase after your move.
7. Network with other expat bloggers, they are an invaluable source of information and camaraderie. 
8. Allow yourself to accept culture shock. It will happen, you will get over it, and everything will be okay.

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